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Cleated shoes and pedals engage by clicking together and forming an attachment, so it’s no surprise that new and emerging cyclists are often confused by the terminology of “clipless;” in truth, it is a hangover from mechanisms of days gone by.

Clipless pedal systems, the cleated shoes and pedals that we use today, replaced toe clips in the 1980s. This consisted of both clips and adjustable straps, to keep the cyclist’s feet in place for competitive cycling. The replacement of this technology bore the term “clipless,” which has remained in the lexicon of cycling ever since.
While it is clipless by name, traditional clipless pedal cycling does essentially clip you into the bike and attach you to it.

What are the best clipless pedals for Beginners?

Many of us have heard of, or experienced, the notorious “rite of passage” clipless moment. Due to your road shoe being connected to your pedal, both beginner and experienced cyclists can struggle to disconnect their foot in time, resulting in a side topple onto the road. The twist action required to remove your foot in a clipless pedal system can often result in a delay, and if you haven’t practiced and perfected this movement then you and your bike are at risk of a fall.

Many beginners introduce themselves to cycling wearing trainers and flat pedals. For entry-level cyclists this is a sensible starting point, allowing them to familiarize themselves with their bike positioning, foot positioning and starting and stopping.

Bythlon cleats and pedals are a fantastic alternative to riding in trainers. A pedal and cleat system that does not lock you to your bike, allowing cyclists to simply step in and step out of their pedals. There’s no twist action required, so stopping is stress-free and easy, without risk of falling. Bythlon’s form-fitting technology means the pedal and cleat system acts as a mold, so you still feel connection to your bike without the worry of a “clipless moment”.

What Pedals do Pros Use?

Clipless pedals are great for cycling, making the most of the smoothness of the road for maximum momentum. The bond between you and your bike not only engages you with the mechanism for better transfer of power, propelling you forward, but it keeps you engaged with the surface of the road itself. Most serious cyclists will ride in clipless pedals and unlocking themselves is second nature. Bythlon pedals and cleats are an alternative to clipless pedals, however aren’t going to be attractive to the pros.

Pro Clipless Cyclists

Looking for an alternative to clipless pedals?

We believe in the clipless experience, its physical and mental benefits and the way it encourages more confident, efficient and enjoyable cycling.

We want to eliminate the fear from clipless! Anyone developing a passion for cycling should be encouraged to develop their passion further, without hesitation.

That’s why the Bythlon pedal system offers the same physical benefits as traditional clipless, with the same engagement with roads, trails and mountains that drive cyclists forward. The only difference is that you are not clipped into the bike, so it’s safe and quick to step in and step out.

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