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Easy In ā€” Easy Out. You will never fear being locked to your bike
Seamless Installation. Works with any three-thread bike shoe on the market
Prevents Injuries. 10Ā° degree float allows your feet to turn to relieve knee and hip joints.
Want to see the product before committing?Ā Your first pedal set is $75 with free shipping.
Order Sample
Bythlon Pedal System

Complete set of pedals, cleats, and screws. 3-bolt configuration.

Suggested Retail:
/ setā€ā€
Your Cost (# of sets ā€” $ per set):
1 set ā€” $90 /
2-4 sets ā€” $85
/ set
4-9 sets ā€” $80
/ set
10+ sets ā€” $75
/ set
Margin: 40-45%ā€
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Shipping is free on orders over $100, else it is an additional $15.

Pedal Systems

Replacement Cleats*

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*Replacement Cleats are fixed at $12.50. Their suggested retail is $19.99

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