Easy In — Easy Out

A seamless step-in and step-out experience means you never fear being locked on to your bike.

3-Bolt Connection

Works with any three-thread bike shoe on the market allowing for positioning customization.

Light and Durable

The 3.5 oz pedal body encapsulates the bearing system and protects from the elements.

Injury Prevention

The 10° degree float allows your feet to turn during no-power phases to relieve knee and hip joints.

Customer Reviews

From amazing cyclists around the world

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Lynda Davis

Purchased and had a very quick delivery - I have never ever cleated in before as to anxious- so fixed pedals on easy and the cleats onto new road shoes and off I went for a 23 mile practice ride - absolutely love these cleat/pedal system easy in and out ,slight magnetic pull didn’t take too long to get used to them. Would highly recommend.

Jane Bates

Postage was amazing and they arrived only a few days after I purchased them. Great packaging and instructions. The pedals were easy to fit to my bike. I felt very comfortable at junctions as I could just lift my foot up and  straight out.. they were fabulous on the hill climbs too. I would recommend the Bythlon clipless system if you’ve been unsuccessful in using cleats these are the pedal for you !

Jo Cornwell

These are game changers! I’m currently going through cancer treatment and my joints are painful from chemo. I can no longer clip in and out without a struggle.

I was going to use them until I had regained some strength then move back to SPD’s but I honestly think I will leave these on permanently. These really are awesome and I’m glad I took a chance on them!

Trina Macrae

Just finished a  mile bike ride with my Bythlon pedals and cleats - absolutely love them. The cleats engage really easily and I felt secure and yet so easy to disengage.

Prior to Bythlon pedals I was anxious about negotiating junctions and riding through traffic but I have new-found confidence. Thank you Martin and team for a fantastic product from a very happy cyclist.

Kathy Vander Meer

I’ve been riding with the pedals for about a week and I just love them.  They keep your feet in place, but you are not locked in when you need to stop quickly.  I have been looking for clipless pedals like this and I’m glad someone finally made them.  Thanks!

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